Frequently Asked Questions

When is Picture Day ?
Your school will distribute Picture Order Envelopes and / or Reminder Notices about a week or two before picture day. In addition, there will be Bulletin Board Posters hung around the school. Most schools also publicize Picture Day in school newsletters, school calendars and during morning announcements. You can also contact us to determine your school’s picture day.
When will I receive my finished pictures ?
We will deliver your child’s portraits to the school within 10 Days of Picture Day.
How do I order more pictures ?
We keep all images in our system for up to 2 years! It means that with in 2 years, you can order or reoder more prints from us at any time. All school special offers and discounts however, will only be valid if the order is placed with in two months after the school’s expiration date. Prices stay the same. To mail your order to us all you have to do is look at Step # 4 on the bottom part of your order form. All the steps on how to mail orders are explained there.
What if I don’t like the portrait(s) ?
All our portraits are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If not satisfied we can either retake your child’s picture or fully refund your money.
What if I am missing pictures ?
Not anymore. Good News! We now have a system that checks all our packages and / or Single Items twice before packaging them. If for any reason your pictures are missing or were lost during delivery to school please contact us. Please, have your Proof#(s) ready when you call !
For other Questions :
Please don’t hesitate and contact us at: (718) 591-6131 or (718) 591-0123

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